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Our dried mealworm products are excellent food sources for your wild birds. This high quality, nutritional, natural food product is a special treat that birds love! Furthermore, our preservative-free and additive-free dried mealworms will help keep your birds healthy as well. Great care has been taken in raising these mealworms to ensure an excellent, high quality nutritional and dietetic food source for your birds. Plus, dried mealworms have more protein than live mealworms and are cheaper, especially now with our newly discounted prices with SHIPPING & HANDLING already taken care of! This means that the Price you see is the Price you Pay; No Hidden Costs.
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Dried Mealworms 1 lb. bulk Mealworm Time Dried Mealworms 5 lb. bulk Mealworm Time Dried Mealworms 11.02 lbs. bulk
Dried Mealworms 1 lb. bulk
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Mealworm 5 lb. bulk
List Price: $74.99
Our Price: $47.50
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List Price: $129.99
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BULK- 1 Lb

BULK -5 Lbs
Stretch your $ Buy in Bulk Dried meal worms will keep their freshness for an extended period of time Just store in plastic container or resealable bag,away from moisture, keep dry.
Features: • Typical Analysis: Protein 56.58%, Crude Fat 18%, Fiber 7%, Moisture 9% • 100% Naturally Dried • High in protein, fat, and potassium which birds need to maintain energy • Attracts bluebirds, flickers, woodpeckers, nuthatches, siskins, chickadees, etc. • Does not need to be refrigerated • More protein than live mealworms • Easy to use - they won't crawl out of your feeder • Feed stand-alone or easily blend into seed mixes • Use all year round • Unique innovation • Long shelf life - stays dry with re-sealable zip-lock for pouches/tight lid for tubs • Easy-practical storage in either a pouch or a stackable tub • Inexpensive-Less than 1/4 of the price of live mealworms, but without the hassle! • Perfect with Clinger feeder & hanging mealworm dish • FDA approved